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TAX AMNESTY IN NIGERIA: A SUCCESS OR A FAILURE (0) May 25, 2017 Overview of Tax Amnesty Tax Amnesty is a time restricted opportunity for a group of identified tax payers to pay a specified amount in exchange for forgiveness of a tax liability (including interest and penalties) with respect to past tax period or periods and without fear of criminal prosecution. In most circumstances, the same law that … Read more about this post

REMITTANCES AND GROWTH (0) May 4, 2017 Migration study usually covers the movement of people and resources among different regions. It is concerned with globalization and the impact of these movements on economic growth and development. Migration (forced or voluntary) has and would continue to play an important role on the pattern of development experienced in most regions of the world. From … Read more about this post

THE PRINCIPLES OF PAY AS YOU EARN (0) May 3, 2016 PERSONAL INCOME TAX IN NIGERIA THE PRINCIPLES OF PAY AS YOU EARN (PAYE) With the proposed 2016 budget of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and those of the State governments in Nigeria, it has been established that internally generated revenue is the major source of finance for budgets and not Oil as the case used to be. … Read more about this post

SUCCESSION PLANNING : BOTH SIDES NOW (0) July 10, 2015 The need for successsion and transition planning of tax and accounting practioioners and their firms has been growing in the past ten years. Part of this drive, of course, is an aging practitioner base. Another is the changing dynamics of clients – particularly their need for a more sophisticated assistance in the business and tax … Read more about this post

2015 PROPOSED VAT INCREMENT: IT’S EFFECT ON NIGERIAN BUSINESSES (0) June 9, 2015 On 18th December 2014, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and the Minister of Finance Dr. Mrs. Okonjo Iweala, laid the proposed budget before the House of Representatives and National Assembly called the transition budget and part of its parameters to generate revenue from taxes is the proposed increment in vat rate from 5% to … Read more about this post

CONTINUOUS RELEVANCE OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION WORKFORCE IN THE MODERN DAY WORKPLACE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE TRANSITION. (0) April 8, 2015 INTRODUCTION The continuous relevance of the younger generation cannot be overemphasized in the 21st century workplace and this has brought about a wide range of transformation in different sectors of the economy. It is basically owing to the fact that they have grown to embrace the technological innovations that has rapidly increased over the modern age. Hiring … Read more about this post

Talent Retention and Organizational Effectiveness through Career Progression and Development (0) December 3, 2014 INTRODUCTION Today’s employees are more career conscious than ever. They are demanding more in terms of personal growth and development. Organizations that fail to allow employees to meet their individual needs may be losing valued talents. This article seeks to examine the role and importance of career development programs in developing and retaining employees. A career … Read more about this post

UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF DEFERRED TAX (0) October 31, 2014   The Concept of Deferred Tax Deferred tax in Nigeria has become more pertinent than it used to be before the roadmap for adoption by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria through the executive in 2010 of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). And also the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) which is the body saddled with the responsibility … Read more about this post

TAC Professional Services is now a member of Integra International (1) October 31, 2014 Integra International is a worldwide organization (with more than 120 individual firms, located in over 70 counties) of independently owned and managed professional service firms, providing audit, tax, consulting and specialist advisory services. Integra International is an interactive global association that shares knowledge openly and regularly, offering expanded professional service to their clients, including … Read more about this post

The New Pension Reform Act (0) August 4, 2014  As part of the transformation agenda of Mr. President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) ongoing reforms in various sectors of the economy, the President has signed into law the new Pension Reform Act 2014 on 1st July, 2014. This new Act has repealed the old pension Reform Act No 2.of 2004. The new pension Reform Act governs and … Read more about this post


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